Blessing the World

Our next Blessing event will take place Saturday January 22 at 8 pm German time (2 pm in New York City, NY). Check out the time in Berlin, Germany, here. Valery Premnananda and Mads Skotner Jr. will host the event, which is free of charge and scheduled to last 1 hour. The Zoom link is as follows:

Also, let us invite you to our Daily World Blessing meditation. We do it every day at 8 pm Berlin time for 30 minutes (check out the time in Berlin, Germany, here). The Zoom link of our online daily meditation is (we will try to keep it permanent as long as possible).

Read more about our Daily World Blessing meditation here.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We are Valery Premnananda and Mads Skotner Jr.

My name is Valery. i am a post-1000 student of Ramaji and Ananda Devi ( The idea of blessing was given to me by Mother Kali in the process of my awakening. In Her message, She said: “If you can’t be grateful for something, just bless it.”

My name is Mads. I was blessed to receive RASA from a Norwegian RASA giver, and has taken wisdom from many spiritual people and teachers, including Ramaji and Ananda Devi. I had attended two of Valery’s blessing events, and Valery reached out and asked if I wanted to form a team with him, that I wanted. I saw it as an opportunity to contribute to my own and other peoples spiritual unfolding.

We invite all people to take part in our free monthly Blessing events, regardless of whether you have taken RASA sessions or not.

The goal of our Blessing events is to give our blessing, our love and best energies to our planet Earth, Mother Nature, all humanity, our loved ones, ourselves, all living beings including plants, animals and birds, in order to bring to all of us peace, harmony, joy, well-being, abundance, and happy life.

Our free Blessing events usually take place on a Saturday in the middle of each month or a week later at 8 pm Berlin time (it is usually 11 am in San Diego, CA; but be careful because daylight saving time begins and ends on different days in Europe and America). The exact date and the respective Zoom link are posted on this site’s home page almost a month in advance.

Check out the time in Berlin, Germany, here.

During our online Blessing events, we perform blessing in many different ways:

  • in the form of a prayer
  • as a silent meditation
  • as a guided meditation
  • with the use of musical instruments
  • by chanting mantras
  • etc.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at: team AT blessing Dot icu. All suggested forms of blessings are welcome. For example, if you desire to lead a guided meditation to help humankind, you are very welcome. Let’s make our Blessing events as democratic as possible. Everyone is welcome!

We are One. We all are Brothers and Sisters. E pluribus unum.

Love, Valery and Mads