Wisdom Corner

Here are some bits of wisdom, hopefully helpful to those who do inner work.

Balancing on a slack line can help reflect your inner state. For optimized performance on a slack line you got to be present in your body and clear headed. If you struggle with keeping the balance, it might be because you are afraid of failing in some way. Go innside and feel where the conflict lies, and if you accept it and put your attention on it, your balance might correct itself automatically. In the beginning of practicing slack line, you will probably fail more often than not. For some this might trigger frustration, and you might then experience your performance dwindle, a vicious circle. To solve the code of slack line balancing, you have to cultivate bodily consciousness, patience, admittance of owns weaknesses, and tenacity.

The benefit of slack line is the immediate feedback you get. In example: balancing while being in a flow state will show clearly in your performance and you will unquestionably feel it. When you fall, trace what thoughts you had right before you fell, they might point to some core conflict within you.

Focusing attention on helping others in their inner work results in your inner work revealing itself effortlessly. For example through donating a sitting meditation to beaming out energy and blessings to those you feel need it, you might notice your own work is automatically being revealed in front of you. Normally we are focused on doing our own work, which is great, but by balancing it out by doing something for others you might feel as if you just started using both pedals on the bike instead of one.

Watching old photos you were involved in is a good way to bring up old emotions. If you watch photos from a time of struggle, you can by staying open, bring up unresolved emotions from that time and work on them for them to release. The same yields for physical locations. This is demonstrated in psychology through Pavlov’s law; an experience which resembles an experience of the past, might trigger physiological reactions associated with the original experience.

Accepting your karma will ease life. As a spiritual seeker your karma will be more and more obvious to you as you progress spiritually. It is something you have to go through. Love your karma. It will be amazing. Resist your karma. It will be miserable.

Seeing that on some level, you chose every piece of content for your current experience, is very freeing. From seeing that this moment was your choice you can let go of lots of resistance to the experience. To see that this is what you wanted can be weirdly shocking and confusing, and you can open up for more self-love when you see that you chose yourself to be just the way you are now.

Attention and focus is a currency. Many indulge in entertainment they believe is free of cost. The real cost is their attention and focus. By spending lots of attention and focus on cheap entertainment, it gets harder to maintain it on areas that truly serve you.

You can try to change behaviour by changing your surface layer thoughts, the thoughts you can force and easily manipulate, but if you want real change you have to either change the deeper layer thoughts, the thoughts that force you, or change your relationship to them. The deeper layer thoughts aren’t as obvious as the shallow thoughts. The deeper layer thoughts can be experienced as habitual assumption making in daily life situations. If you don’t make a commitment to notice them you will not.

What or who am I most grateful for at this moment? Ask yourself this everyday to nourish your gratitude. Don´t seek the answer, but let the question open up your mind for you to see more clear.