Spiritual Movies

This page contains information on spiritual, inspirational feature films and TV series. Of course, any movie includes fiction and carries all sorts of inaccuracies. Nevertheless, cinema as a form of art is designed to inspire and encourage high actions and behavior. All films presented below can inspire, encourage good deeds and open up human hearts.

Ghost Whisperer (Wikipedia link; Amazon link)
A supernatural TV series about a holy woman who helped souls and people. You can watch a video clip from the series:



The Encounter (Wikipedia link; Amazon link; YouTube link)
A film about how Jesus, appearing in modern-day America, saved a group of people

Peaceful Warrior (Wikipedia link; Amazon link; YouTube link)
A film about a talented gymnast who meets a spiritual teacher

A Time for Heaven (Amazon link; YouTube link)
A film about a nurse who helped people to find peace at the end of their lives. This movie is worth buying an Amazon Prime subscription.

Conversations with God (Amazon link; YouTube link)
A film about life of a spiritual man and teacher Neale Donald Walsch

Sant Tukaram (Wikipedia link; YouTube link)
A 1936 Marathi film about a famous Indian saint Tukaram

Chico Xavier (YouTube link: please turn on closed captions)
A film about life of a Brazilian medium and spiritualist Chico Xavier

Joshua (Wikipedia link; Amazon link 1, Amazon link 2)
A film about Jesus who appeared in our modern world and changed the lives of people He met. You can watch a scene from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXCOogmKI0c

Pollyanna (Amazon link 1, Amazon link 2; YouTube link)
A film about a girl who changed the lives of people by her positive mindset

La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful) (Wikipedia link; Vimeo link)
A French film about how a woman from a spiritually developed planet has been sent to Earth to see how we live here

Once Upon a Time (Wikipedia link; Amazon link)
A fairytale TV series about heroes and villains, the latter sometimes turning into the former thanks to love. You can watch some scenes from the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA2UyPKiWNs

The Da Vinci Code (Wikipedia link; Amazon link)
A film about the mysteries around Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and the Holy Grail

Avatar (Wikipedia link; Amazon link)
An epic science fiction film about harmony and love for Mother Nature and all living creatures

The Matrix (Wikipedia link; Amazon link)
A science fiction film about alternate realities

Forrest Gump (Wikipedia link; Amazon link)
A film about a slow-witted but kind-hearted man who was able to achieve a lot thanks to his heart and character