Messages from Divine Mother

Being devotees of Divine Mother, we speak to Her and feel Her in our hearts. She has many names, but Her essence is the same: Love. Love is everything. When we feel Love, we manifest Her divine energy. Only Love can bring peace and true abundance to all people.

Below we will post messages of Divine Mother, which spontaneously were given to us. We will try to keep the original wording (we are not native speakers of English, but we will do our best to make the translation as precise as possible).

“Love is more important than knowledge.”

The context of this message is as follows. i was thinking about why some countries receive Nobel prizes, while others do not. Of course, this prestigious prize is awarded to people, but it is the countries that provide the necessary social infrastructure. And suddenly that message came in from Divine Mother: Love is more important than knowledge. Indeed, we humans have created many beautiful things like science, technology and art, but we have not been able to establish peace and harmony on our planet. To ensure the latter, we need Love, not knowledge.

“Sharing means manifesting. When we share, we manifest.”

The idea behind this message is very clear. The Big I has everything that the small i desires to manifest. When the small i shares something, he or she makes this appear in other people’s lives, thereby creating and manifesting abundance. Citing Neale Donald Walsch, when we are the Source, we become a sorcerer. It is also good to know and feel the following formula: we share because we care.

“Everyone acts as best they can.”

Therefore, we can accept each and every person and not judge them, including ourselves. Knowing this, we can be calm and relaxed and act accordingly in the circumstances we are in. We can also let go all our resentment and offense. Everyone acts as best they can.

“You cannot look at yourself through the eyes of society.”

Society looks at us through the prism of its beliefs and stereotypes. But we must perceive ourselves in a different way: as the Higher Self. We should not be held captive by the prejudices of society—especially when it considers us losers, second-rate, etc. We are beautiful!

“You agreed to have limitations and suffer” (before going to Earth)

It means that the Divinity took my form, agreed to be a human, have limitations of a human and suffer. Why? You see, when you don’t know suffering, you don’t know life. When you do know what suffering is, you can have compassion and love and help those who suffer. This message was a revelation to me. So if you suffer, maybe the same holds about you. And you can make your suffering a blessing by helping others.

“You need to love people for who they are.”

Along with this message came feelings. Each person is what they are, and we must accept and love them as they are – unconditionally, without criticism or condemnation. This is what love does. To love this

way is not easy, especially if a certain person has hurt us. Of course, each of us decides what we should and should not do.

“Divine abundance and divine relationships make everyone rich and happy.”

This was not a classical message, but a series of received feelings within several days. i had been thinking about our abundance and relationships on Earth. There is a subtle point in this matter because everything and everyone is divine… It is easy to see that abundance on our planet is often based on struggle, greed and stinginess, and relationships are often like business contracts. Conversely, true abundance makes everyone rich, and true relationships make everyone happy. Let us quote a passage from the Bible, which gives us a perfect example of divine abundance. “Then He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes. So they all ate and were filled, and they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments that remained. Now those who had eaten were about five thousand men, besides women and children.” (Matthew 14:19-21)

“There is nothing wrong with the world: all that you have is opportunities to manifest who you really are.”

Very often, we do not like what is happening in the world. But the world is what it is. The world is the Truth. Therefore, do not lament what we do not like. All that we have is the opportunity to manifest in the world who we really are. This is our sacred path. That is how the soul acts through the body. As many spiritual teachers say, be the change you would like to see in the world.