Easing the Suffering

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As Divine Mother has indicated, first of all we should help people who suffer.

If you feel suffering, what can you do about it immediately?

The following steps are spiritual initiatives that have worked well for us in regards to spiritual unfoldment, feeling well, grateful, blessed, connected and free. (Here, by suffering we mean psychological distress, not physical pain).

First, please bless your life, bless yourself, bless your circumstances, your situation, bless your soul, bless God, bless your family, your parents, your significant other, your children, your relatives, bless your friends, bless people around you, all humanity, bless the place and country where you live, bless the world and the planet Earth, bless your house, bless your job or business, bless money, bless your past, present and future, bless, bless, and bless. By doing this sincerely, with all your heart and feelings, you invoke the divine energies that will help you tackle your difficult situation.

Second, in your sincere prayers ask for help from God (if you are a believer). Start your own search for the Holy Grail. Knock on all the doors. Search for answers inside and outside. Do meditations. Many general answers can be found in spiritual books and on the internet. Find someone with the realized divine energy who can help you—a spiritual teacher or a holy person. We can only reach to a certain point alone, together there is no limit. But often it is not that simple: as it sometimes happens, a person has to go through several spiritual schools before finding his or her true treasure. Consider that this is your invaluable experience. In your spiritual search, trust your heart.

Third, you may start to value your experience of suffering because when you do know what suffering is, you can have deep compassion and love and help those who suffer. Divine Mother gave us a message that before going to Earth, we had agreed to have limitations and suffer as humans. So if you suffer, maybe the same holds about you. And you can make your suffering a blessing by helping others. Of course, we should avoid suffering if we are able to accept our difficult circumstances, deal with them and have certainty that, at the end of the day, everything will be good. This is possible when you achieve a high level of consciousness.

Fourth, you can create your own group of support in the place where you live. You can discuss your life situations together, pray together, bless together, meditate together, etc. This is what we do during our free online Blessing events. We organize these events for the sake of others, in order to make our world a good place to live in. You are welcome to join us!

Then, when you do something for the sake of others, you realize your spiritual potential and create the Kingdom of God on Earth. It is time to quote Neale Donald Walsch, a spiritual teacher, who received the following wisdom from God: “Your life is not about you. Your life is about everyone else whose life you touch and the way in which you touch it” (YouTube link).

In addition, if it suits you, you can take RASA sessions with Ramaji or Ananda Devi (www.rasatransmissioninternational.com) or other RASA givers. It is up to you. This must be your free choice. The ultimate goal of RASA sessions is awakening (enlightenment), which is done via a series of transmission of the spiritual energy, called RASA, performed by Ramaji or Ananda Devi or other RASA givers. In our experience, a spiritual method in question works much better if a person chooses it by himself or herself. Also, not all schools and methods are suitable for everyone. So just listen to your heart.

Lastly, initiating a bhakti relationship with a spiritual archetype can be helpful. Kali Ma is an example of someone who will help with your spiritual unfolding. Get to know the spiritual archetype and what they represent, and see if you want to let them help you. Kali represents truth, she will destroy all falsehood in a brilliant manner. Another name for these spiritual beings that help us is “Solar angel”.

“The Solar Angels are very advanced beings who sacrifice Their life to help the
evolution of humanity and guide its steps toward initiation.” (Saraydarian, The
Subconscious Mind and the Chalice, p.405).

“The goal of the human soul is to unfold itself to such a degree that it fuses with
the Solar Angel through the mystic marriage. When the human soul is mature
enough, the Solar Angel inspires him or her to marry It. This is called Soul infusion. For long ages, the Solar Angel fuses Its light, love, and power into the person and charges him or her with the electricity of Its spiritual, or higher cosmic ethers, until the man or woman, the human soul becomes a Soul.” (Saraydarian, The Psyche and Psychism, p. 541).

Also you can attend our free monthly online Blessing events via Zoom.