Daily World Blessing

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Let us present to you a Daily World Blessing meditation. We do it every day at 8 pm Berlin time for 30 minutes (check out the time in Berlin, Germany, here). Please join us! The Zoom link of our online daily meditation is https://zoom.us/j/806708953 (we will try to keep it permanent as long as possible). Please be online 5 minutes beforehand. Of course, you can meditate at any time you want. You can meditate using any technique you prefer. We call our meditation a Daily World Blessing because we do it to bless all humanity and our planet Earth. Please do the same.

If you do not have any technique of meditation, we can offer you one.

Before you begin to meditate, you say a simple prayer from your heart for one minute, for example, like this: “I bless all people, the planet Earth, our country, my family and myself. May every person be enlightened, healthy, rich and happy.” Then, with a straight back, you sit in a comfortable position. Then you take a deep breath and exhale (three times), close your eyes and just remain at rest for 15 minutes. Before exiting meditation, it is also good to take a deep breath and exhale (three times).

We love you and wish you an enlightened, joyful life. Be happy and blessed!