Blessing the World

When we devote our lives to work for the sake of humanity, everything we do becomes a blessing.

We may not know in advance what benefits our actions will bring, but our intention to do good attracts the people and events we need in our lives. This happened most likely to James M. Tour, Professor at Rice University, who combined the professionalism of a scientist and faith in Jesus Christ. His graduate student named Duy X. Luong made a discovery of world significance by proposing a cheap way to produce graphene and at the same time to free our planet from plastic pollution. Look with what enthusiasm and passion the professor speaks about the scientific achievement of his team, adding the following words at the end of the video: “And it’s just going to be a tremendous advance for humankind, and I just want to bless the world with this. Let’s try to bless the world with this.”

When we work for the benefit of people, all the powers of heaven will come to our aid.


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