Appeal to the RASA Community

Dear colleagues:

Allow us to invite you to participate in the Blessing the World project – in the joint development of the site and the organization of online Blessing events.

The goals of the Blessing the World project are as follows:

– consolidation of our efforts to create a kind, happy, harmonious world for all people on Earth;

– informal unity of members of the RASA community.

The following areas of the project development are available:

– preparation of articles, pages or other parts of the site;

– organization of Blessing events.

You can share your experience of awakening and integration, present your ideas for creating a more harmonious world, as well as hold Blessing events for the sake of others.

If you wish to participate in the Blessing the World project, please contact us by email at team AT blessing Dot icu

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.

We wish you an enlightened, happy and prosperous life!

With love, Valery and Mads