About Us

At the moment, the Blessing the World team consists of two people: Valery Premnananda from Russia and Mads Skotner Jr. from Norway. We will tell you about us in our own words.

About Valery. My name is Valery. i was born in the former USSR. Since childhood, i had been interested in spirituality and esotericism. Before meeting with Ramaji and Ananda Devi, i had gone through several spiritual schools and teachers. And to be honest, i was terribly tired of my seeking. On the other hand, it was a very good experience (i remember how we cleaned the ashram and helped organize seminars; how i dried my clothes on myself, chanting a mantra for several hours; how we traveled to India and much more).

After receiving Divine Grace through Ramaji and Ananda Devi—achieved LOC 1000, and became a certified RASA giver in 2020—i am now more interested in making a contribution to our society. i would like to do something beautiful for all people and want to see all of us happy, joyful, loving, healthy, and rich. Being a devotee of the Divine Mother, i do solemnly swear to do everything in my power to make this a reality.

In 2020, i became a certified RASA giver—a great honor and joy for me. This is my site for Russian-speaking people: https://www.awakening.icu/. Welcome!

My best wishes to you, my dear Brothers and Sisters! Be happy and blessed!

In conclusion, i would like to cite Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who said:

There is only one religion, the religion of Love;
There is only one language, the language of the Heart;
There is only one caste, the caste of Humanity;
There is only one God, who is omnipresent.

About Mads. My name is Mads Skotner Jr. I’m 21 years old from Norway. I have always been curious to why things are the way they seem to be, and I have always felt somewhat misplaced here on planet Earth. These are the reasons in a nutshell, to how I gravitated into the theme of spirituality. My perception was that you had to be extremely lucky and disciplined to realise enlightenment, so when I discovered RASA I was kind of sceptical, although that was the mind. Deep inside I didn’t doubt it a second. About one and a half year after discovering RASA, I got my first 1 on 1 session with a student of Ramaji who also was from Norway. After getting to LOC1000, I was anticipating heavy purging and cleansing. This happened and is still happening. It didn’t come all at once, but enough to be unpleasant a lot of the time. Any time I felt I had reached a checkpoint in the process, it turned out to be more stuff to deal with right away. I don’t feel completely qualified to talk about this, cause I’m sort of in the middle of it, and don’t have perfect clarity or anything like that. But I do feel I understand the basics of the process.

To me, expansion of human freedom through decomposition of lies, false worldviews and beliefs is the way to ultimate contentment as a human being. It’s something I go through, and the process can be weird, difficult, emotionally overwhelming, disorienting and unexpected, even when you have in the back of your mind that it’s going to be unexpected. My experience is that it helps to connect with people going through the same as you. I have regularly attended the monthly Satsang of Ramaji and Ananda Devi and have felt inspired, guided, safe in the unknowing and motivated whenever I’m in the presence of these people. The last three months I also joined a blessing event online, led by Valery. On one of the events we talked a bit after, and he asked me to lead a meditation for the next event. I said yes and he included me for the website weblessworld.org. Valery encouraged me to contribute by learning the basics of making and customizing a website. I saw this opportunity as something that can turn into anything, so I followed my curiosity and ended up here.

I want to share my experience and energy in hope that it will provide expansion of human freedom to myself and the people I share with.

  • The worst way of being depressed is when you believe you shouldn’t be:

Life provides experiences you struggle to deal with in order for you to realize you can’t deal with them, so you stop dealing with them, you just let them be.

  • Get clear on what opinionated will comes from the inside and what doesn’t:

For some, the collective opinion and will penetrates through their conscious field. This is ok, it only means they are sensitive to their circumstances. The problem is when they think that what they sense comes from them. That can result in them taking action based on other peoples will.

  • Accept not knowing:

Not knowing is always present, acknowledge it, accept it, admit it. To claim knowledge is a lie and brings obligation. When you admit your emptiness, you’re innocent, free to do cause you don’t know how not to.

  • Become aware of your sins:

When you have lived for some time, there are usually some people that have hurt you. These people are easy to point out. But there are also the people that you have hurt, and they are often the same people that hurt you. Ask yourself if you dare: in what way have I hurt this person? Contemplating this can be shocking cause you can realise that a person you think you only hurt in a mild way, was actually deeply hurt and scared by your actions. This is especially true regarding how you treat a child. When you deeply feel another’s pain that’s a result of your action, it summons a deeper understanding, love and respect for that person, as well as a more graceful repute.

  • Using words can be tricky sometimes:

Words are functional in some areas, but I want to make the point that emotions in comparison to words, carries way more information in a different format. This type of information isn’t compatible with the mind. In other words: you cannot deduce knowledge from feelings, but you can deduce wisdom, intuition and flow states.