About Blessing Events

Our free online Blessing events are aimed at the following:

– consolidation of our efforts to create a kind, happy, harmonious world for all people on Earth;
– informal unity of members of the RASA community.

Usually spiritual people want enlightenment and development of their spiritual abilities. These desires are directed at the person himself or herself. But it is also necessary to develop love and compassion towards other people. To do something good for others, and not just for himself or herself, is the primary task of a spiritual person. This is the goal of our Blessing events: to give our blessing, our love and best energies to our planet Earth, Mother Nature, all humanity, our loved ones, ourselves, all living beings including plants, animals and birds, in order to bring to all of us peace, harmony, joy, well-being, abundance and happy life.

Furthermore, recently Valery received inspiration from Mother Kali concerning the Blessing events: they should aim to provide help in easing suffering of people.

Divine Mother gave Valery a feeling that people suffer because they do not feel that they are loved—they think they are lonely and no one cares about them.

What can we do to help suffering people? Actually, a lot.

First, we can raise our level of consciousness and go through the process of realization and integration. Thank God, we have Ramaji and Ananda Devi, other RASA givers, and the energy of RASA (www.rasatransmissioninternational.com). Of course, there are other spiritual teachers and holy persons, who provide spiritual guidance and help. Let us extend our deep gratitude to all of them.

Second, our essence is love, and at high levels of consciousness integrated, our behavior and actions are generally supposed to express love and compassion. In this respect, it is our natural choice to take responsibility to help others (you can watch a warm-hearted talk of the 14th Dalai Lama about that: YouTube link). You just follow the inspiration of your heart and let love flow through you. It is a natural, effortless process. To live that way is a real blessing for the world.

The matter of alleviating suffering is so important that we have devoted a separate page to this on our website.

As for the informal unity of members of the RASA community, our Blessing events help informally, in a relaxed atmosphere connect our people from different countries. While sessions with Ramaji and Ananda Devi or other RASA givers involve a one-on-one interaction, our events suggest communication in a multilateral, international format. In this regard, the Blessing events complement official sessions.

In addition, people who have nothing to do with the RASA method can participate in our events. A democratic and friendly atmosphere contributes to this.

Information about the traditional timing of our free online Blessing events is provided on the home page.